Friday, February 12, 2010

Deathmarch 2010 begins!

So clearly I'm insane. Not only have I decided that I will follow Elizabeth Bear's excellent example and complete a draft of the diss by Mar. 1st, but I have also signed up for the Knitting Olympics run by this knitting icon/fellow insane knitter. My project, you ask? Well it's this one: Lloie's Cardigan. Because I had such a great time with my last bout of color work that I decided to do another one...this time with steeks. In 17 days. And I haven't even ordered the pattern yet. While writing. Yeah. I'm nuts. In other, long-overdue news, there's been some snow, and some sweaters, and other things. Blogger is being rather annoying and not letting me upload photos of said snow and sweaters, so stay tuned and wish me luck!

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