Thursday, February 25, 2010

4th imp of the snowpocalypse yet to ride, cites bottleneck at La Guardia

Deathmarch Day: %$$$&**@#!!!
yep, I'm that fried. Still doing the freakin' notecards but had a bit of a brainstorm yesterday. I think that was a good thing. I think. I haven't re-read it yet.
Olympic knitting: much more tangible progress, to wit:overall glamour shot, with supersized at no extra charge steek:

I'm about 2/3 of the way through the yoke. I may actually medal in this darn thing after all. Of course I haven't *shudder* cut the steek yet or done the i-cord or picked out buttons, but I'm optimistic. Wish us luck in the fourth storm of the season...predicted to hit late this evening. I'll be watching women's freeskating, which is altogether much more enjoyable. Provided we don't lose power. Colorwork by candlelight holds zero appeal for me, frankly, so that damn imp had better behave.

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