Monday, February 22, 2010

pulling back the reins

Deathmarch Day 10: stayed up til 3 am again. My biorhythms are so mucked up right now. Day 9 of the march saw zero accomplishment, mainly because I hadn't been out of the house in 8 days at that point and...we needed food almost as much as I needed yarn and sunshine. And the GF hurt herself sledding, which required major nursing duties. I take those very seriously. They involve baking (chocolate cake with rum buttercream icing), and shepherd's pie making (pork and mushroom) and other house-wifely things. The olympics sweater saw more progress, not surprisingly. I finished both arms, attached them to the body and started the colorwork portion. The fireworks have begun! I'm pretty happy with my color choices, but I'm not posting pics until tomorrow so you can see some of the design.
Today: finish large portion of note cards, begin organizing, make mushroom soup, and maybe write something. And get through at least row 30 of the design section. Oh and perhaps exercise. We'll see.....

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