Monday, February 15, 2010

she's got her blue dress on and she's curled her hair

Deathmarch Day 3: or, wait, what am I doing again?
After staring at the same passage in Chapter 4 for about an hour I began to question what the heck my organizing premise really was...especially this late in the game, and after one major re-organization already, this is NOT GOOD. My argument is clear, but how to get there is the hard part, which is not exactly news, I know. I'm beginning to think that the organizing principle is not untangling the brocade but just presenting it in all its palimpsest-y glory...
Sweater progress: 11 inches and in body increases. I will finish the body section tonight and perhaps cast on for a sleeve. Maybe I'll have the entire thing done except for the colorwork before the pattern even arrives! At least something good came out of today. That, and I ran for half a mile straight today. 2.3 miles total, which helped my mood immensely. The home-made sugar cookies didn't hurt either. As my dear friends would proclaim, "Just say'n."

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