Tuesday, February 16, 2010

in cold dark places she dreams of spring

Deathmarch Day 4: new day, new plan. After lots of introspection (read cursing and knitting) I realized that I need to go old school on this f*cker...that's right. 3x5 cards. I have NEVER written this way but I've always been able to master all my source material in my head or map it out in other ways before now. This project is just too big for that. I was using my high tech, and really wonderful add-in bibliographic program for this, but I can't lay those notes out next to one another and visualize the project, which is key for me. So dear, dear GF is out at Target right now buying me all the 3x5 cards they have in stock. I'm picturing a big delay in olympic knitting in order to complete this. It's worth it. Wish me luck.
no exercise as yet, and lots of chocolate. Probably fried fish, sweet potato fries and mushy peas for dinner tonight. GF is going to wish she had a cider left. *chuckle*
The one good thing about this, aside from maybe helping me to finish, is that I can do it while watching the Olympics tonight

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