Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tejiendo en algodon....muy diferente

Hola compañeros de lana! Estoy tejiendo para mi viaje a España. Salimos en menos de un mes. Necesito mis cardigans de algodón completamente finito y ahora tengo menos de treinta por ciento en cada uno. Que lastima!
Pero, mira, soy un "joiner" porque esto tejiendo la February Lady y me encanta este patrón!
Hilo: Valley Yarns Noho in Teal Green
Aguja: Addi Turbo 36" size 7
Patron: February Lady Sweater by flintknits

Y mis zoknis son casi media completo:
Esto es mi merino hilo y tinto de mano.

Y ahora en ingles. So I've been thinking a lot about blogging, writing, sharing my work. This all began with an innocent conversation over, what else, knitting. A friend and I were discussing the pros and cons of knit-alongs. They can be quite useful, especially if you run into problems, are trying new mods or yarn substitutions, etc. but they also foster competition, envy, and a host of other very unknitterly behavior. So where do blogs fit into this? Are these an attempt to connect with a wider knitting community, to share our work in hopes that we increase awareness of handcrafts everywhere, that we return knitting to its rightful position in the handcraft pantheon; or are we vain creatures, measuring our worth by the number of site hits, comments left, links created? Are we trying to fan the flames of our own popularity? Am I really that shallow? And then I realized that while I do appreciate the visitors and friends who leave kind remarks, I'm really doing this to forge connections, to track my own progress as a crafter, and to try out new ideas in an admittedly tiny public forum. I am doing this for myself. But I sincerely hope that others may join me on this journey. Clearly I'm no yarnharlot, I know I don't have the wit of a franklin, but I don't want to be them. I may not be prolific, I may not have mad yarn skillz, but I love all things fiber and certainly enjoy discussing them ad nauseum. I want to make a little leafy home for myself in this electronic jungle. Please pull up a tree stump, open your knitting bag, grab a cuppa and settle in. I'd love to chat!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

make with the wool already!

Hey all, so I finally finished something. And the superwash wool became even prettier....I give you first the unintentional rip-off of Wing o the moth:

This was previously, as you may remember, the rather unfortunate charcoal briquette version of an otherwise lovely stole called Lady Eleanor. I think the yarn is much happier this way.
And witness! My verdant zokni meet the giant frog of green:

After they were done playing with frog, the zokni decided to meet squirrel:
Don't they look like they want to take over the world, dwarfing mighty squirrel as they appear to do? I lurves these socks, I do. They are squishy, they are cozy, they are yummy, yes they are my precious. Can you tell I'm actually pretty happy with the spinning and the dyeing? Not too shabby I think. Enough now, just a taste to whet the appetite. I don't want you gorging yourselves, after all. Never fear, I'm slowly working on the purple sweater of much yumminess. Pix of that later.