Thursday, February 25, 2010

4th imp of the snowpocalypse yet to ride, cites bottleneck at La Guardia

Deathmarch Day: %$$$&**@#!!!
yep, I'm that fried. Still doing the freakin' notecards but had a bit of a brainstorm yesterday. I think that was a good thing. I think. I haven't re-read it yet.
Olympic knitting: much more tangible progress, to wit:overall glamour shot, with supersized at no extra charge steek:

I'm about 2/3 of the way through the yoke. I may actually medal in this darn thing after all. Of course I haven't *shudder* cut the steek yet or done the i-cord or picked out buttons, but I'm optimistic. Wish us luck in the fourth storm of the season...predicted to hit late this evening. I'll be watching women's freeskating, which is altogether much more enjoyable. Provided we don't lose power. Colorwork by candlelight holds zero appeal for me, frankly, so that damn imp had better behave.

Monday, February 22, 2010

pulling back the reins

Deathmarch Day 10: stayed up til 3 am again. My biorhythms are so mucked up right now. Day 9 of the march saw zero accomplishment, mainly because I hadn't been out of the house in 8 days at that point and...we needed food almost as much as I needed yarn and sunshine. And the GF hurt herself sledding, which required major nursing duties. I take those very seriously. They involve baking (chocolate cake with rum buttercream icing), and shepherd's pie making (pork and mushroom) and other house-wifely things. The olympics sweater saw more progress, not surprisingly. I finished both arms, attached them to the body and started the colorwork portion. The fireworks have begun! I'm pretty happy with my color choices, but I'm not posting pics until tomorrow so you can see some of the design.
Today: finish large portion of note cards, begin organizing, make mushroom soup, and maybe write something. And get through at least row 30 of the design section. Oh and perhaps exercise. We'll see.....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

bone-deep bruises

"Yes, mother, I approve."
Day two of flash cards, Day 6 of deathmarch and counting.
Good news: I have a new appreciation for my sources and I think this will work. Eventually.
Bad news: it's taking waaaaay too long. I'm in day 2.5 actually, since I started on Tuesday night filling these little suckers out and I'm still at under 100. Trying to stay focused and positive.
Olympic sweater: done with body and half-way through first sleeve.Clearly we have motivational issues.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

in cold dark places she dreams of spring

Deathmarch Day 4: new day, new plan. After lots of introspection (read cursing and knitting) I realized that I need to go old school on this f*cker...that's right. 3x5 cards. I have NEVER written this way but I've always been able to master all my source material in my head or map it out in other ways before now. This project is just too big for that. I was using my high tech, and really wonderful add-in bibliographic program for this, but I can't lay those notes out next to one another and visualize the project, which is key for me. So dear, dear GF is out at Target right now buying me all the 3x5 cards they have in stock. I'm picturing a big delay in olympic knitting in order to complete this. It's worth it. Wish me luck.
no exercise as yet, and lots of chocolate. Probably fried fish, sweet potato fries and mushy peas for dinner tonight. GF is going to wish she had a cider left. *chuckle*
The one good thing about this, aside from maybe helping me to finish, is that I can do it while watching the Olympics tonight

Monday, February 15, 2010

she's got her blue dress on and she's curled her hair

Deathmarch Day 3: or, wait, what am I doing again?
After staring at the same passage in Chapter 4 for about an hour I began to question what the heck my organizing premise really was...especially this late in the game, and after one major re-organization already, this is NOT GOOD. My argument is clear, but how to get there is the hard part, which is not exactly news, I know. I'm beginning to think that the organizing principle is not untangling the brocade but just presenting it in all its palimpsest-y glory...
Sweater progress: 11 inches and in body increases. I will finish the body section tonight and perhaps cast on for a sleeve. Maybe I'll have the entire thing done except for the colorwork before the pattern even arrives! At least something good came out of today. That, and I ran for half a mile straight today. 2.3 miles total, which helped my mood immensely. The home-made sugar cookies didn't hurt either. As my dear friends would proclaim, "Just say'n."

Sunday, February 14, 2010

coyote oh coyote won't you tell me why

Deathmarch Day 2
page count: 137...excruciating editing of chapter 2 and I'm not there yet.
exercise: 2.5 miles on treadmill
sweater: through decreases on waist shaping, working on body, hopefully my pattern will arrive soon so I can plan for colorwork. Right now I'm thinking brown, cream and light green, but I still need to find the yarn.
on deck for tonight: women's longtrack speed skating, yum! (wow, that was over quickly, I barely finished posting this and they're done) My first Olympic love was Bonnie Blair...and the men are doing things on skis, but I'm not really paying attention. But there's short program pairs figure skating, which I adore. The GF has a love/hate relationship with figure skating because she's always on edge during the technical elements.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Deathmarch and Olympic Sweater: Day 1

Deathmarch stats: reading, thinking, no words on page as yet....trying not to panic...16 days to go.
Sweatermarch: Cast on as torch was lit (poor Vancouver, the ceremonies were AMAZING...k.d.lang is so fabulous...I felt really sorry for poor Nelly Furtado, great dress, terrible terrible song...but it went off flawlessly until the torch and then. FAIL. Leave it to Gretsky to carry on regardless) and am now through ribbing and starting body of sweater. I'm trying the no-sew steek, marked with the red yarn as seen. I'm still not sure if the tweedy yarn will work for colorwork, but I do adore this yarn/color combo!
maybe Blogger will let me post a pic:
Food consumed: migas, coffee (not enough!), pink lady apple
and now for some actual writing...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Deathmarch 2010 begins!

So clearly I'm insane. Not only have I decided that I will follow Elizabeth Bear's excellent example and complete a draft of the diss by Mar. 1st, but I have also signed up for the Knitting Olympics run by this knitting icon/fellow insane knitter. My project, you ask? Well it's this one: Lloie's Cardigan. Because I had such a great time with my last bout of color work that I decided to do another one...this time with steeks. In 17 days. And I haven't even ordered the pattern yet. While writing. Yeah. I'm nuts. In other, long-overdue news, there's been some snow, and some sweaters, and other things. Blogger is being rather annoying and not letting me upload photos of said snow and sweaters, so stay tuned and wish me luck!