Thursday, July 31, 2008

Also ran

I got so close. So very close to my goal. I only had little dribs and drabs of fiber, bits of it I had stashed with my spindles, chunks I had removed from the rovings in order to add decorative touches to a felted project, just tidbits really, that's all that was left. Yet tufts of brown, green and orange merino were suddenly peeking at me from all the corners of my apartment. I gathered them together and realized, at 10 pm, that there was no way I would finish. I had started knitting the vest instead of spinning and I paid for it. So there's a red jersey for me....and the start of this:
I'm calling her Andalusia Celtica. She was inspired by my trip to Andalusia (we leave on Monday!!!), she's covered with celtic knotwork in the central panel--totally ripped off from the Fall 07 Dickinson Pullover by Kathy Zimmerman--but worked in the round in stockinette except for the front panel, and made up into a v-neck vest rather than a long-sleeved pullover. Most of all she makes me think of my favorite band: Salsa Celtica...tweedy, sunny, complex, happy. Like sangria in Dublin maybe...or Strongbow in Cadiz. Maybe it's just my Sevilla state of mind. She's my first big cabled project and my hands are paying for it. But I think she's worth every ache. Now keep your fingers crossed that I spun up enough for her...
I will be posting all of my trip photos on this blog, so stay will totally depend on my ability to get internet access over there. Hasta luego mis amigos!

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