Thursday, August 7, 2008

Estamos en Sevilla!!!

Hola a todos!
We´re here, we´re safe and we are having a blast!!! Between geckos in the bidet, some of the best coffee I´ve ever had, and opening my first document at the Archivos General de Indias, I´m pretty darn happy. We have taken only a day off to play tourist, but it was a good one. We visited the Alcázar, a large 12th century fortress in the center of town. Most of the design is in the muejadar style and I LOVE it. But it continues to this day as a royal residence whenever they are in Sevilla, thus it has endured building campaigns from the 12th century to the 19th, with some incredible garden work in the 18th century....I took 285 photos on Wednesday, but I´m only uploading a few, given my (expensive) time at the internet cafe. Other than touristy things, I´ve started work at the AGI and am looking forward to every single moment I can spend there soaking up relevant material. The 2 weeks I have left seem so very very short...I hate that I can´t work there for more than 6 hours (they chased me 2.30 today) but at least I got in. It wasn´t easy. Ok, gotta run and get some dinner at a local tapas place. Enjoy and look for photos of the gecko, our apt. courtyard, the dancing horses of Jerez and the Alhambra sometime next week.

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