Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tour de Fleece 2008

In lieu of posting knitting progress, I give you my Tour de Fleece 2008 challenge: finishing the spinning (and maybe the knitting) of my top-down raglan cardi. The wool is 100% mernio in heathered brown. 2-ply worsted-weight. Easy spinning but here's the challenge: the prep on this fiber wasn't that great, so I'm constantly having to stop, pick out vm, etc. I don't enjoy spinning this wool, even though I pre-draft. But I love the finished yarn and I want to wear this sweater! So I'm using this opportunity to make myself finish, rather than spinning fun things like the silk/merino blend from Louet for my elm leaf smoke ring (pattern later).
So here's the cardi as she now stands:
And here's the remaining wool, ready to be spun:
Is that not the most unappealing pile of...wool (yes, we'll call it that for now)...that you've ever seen? But it really does make pretty yarn, I promise.
I WILL wear that yellow jersey!

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