Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tour de Fleece update

Finished the second skein of the merino for the Tour. I only have a little bit of the rovings left. I WILL make it. I'm much happier with this skein. It looks like merino should.
I have also frogged the cardi....and this was the result. I'm estimating it's about 600 yards or so of worsted weight.
It will (I think) become this, or something close to it. I haven't swatched yet. I also managed to finish the February in June sweater. I was quite pleased with it, until I saw a photograph of myself wearing said sweater. It.was.not.good. Far, far from good in fact. I deleted all evidence and shot this version instead. Not pretty, but functional. I really, really hope I look better in it than the camera tells me I do. I want to love this sweater. It ate a month of my life. I deserve for it to look better than it does. oh well, you judge for yourselves:I rest my case. Now, back to our regularly scheduled spinning.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous sweater! Looks great with your skin tones. :) Hopefully it will be light enough in weight to wear on your upcoming trip?!