Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rustle cardigan

This cardigan has been rustling through my mind like autumn leaves for a long time. I wear it constantly, as the mostly cotton yarn makes this a three season sweater. This is a personal pattern I designed after seeing the leaf pattern on the Muscari socks (which I adore and will knit soon) and a couple of Norah Gaughan's fabulous patterns with similar collar reveals. The sweater is knit from the top down in the round, beginning at the collar. The collar stitches are knit on the reverse so they will appear right side out when worn. The same stitch appears in a single repeat row at the cuffs. Moss stitch button band. The waist is slightly fitted. I have been debating with myself about the number of buttons ever since I finished the sweater. I LOVE these buttons but they almost overwhelm the neutral tones of the sweater... but they also emphasize the leaf theme. Thoughts?
If there's enough interest (please comment if you are interested!!!), I'll publish the pattern. Those of you who have knit a top down cardi and done basic lace can complete this sweater with no problem. It's quite easy and quick. Big needles are good for that!!

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avelinux said...

A beautiful cardigan. It looks very nice and I love your buttons.
Kind regards