Friday, July 31, 2009

Walking with elves

43.05 miles down on the journey to Rivendell and I'm at the mark where Frodo and company meet up with the elves!!! I'm more than half-way to Buckleberry now. The gf thinks I should commission a "Buckleberry or Bust" bumpersticker. I'm liking this, but "Walking with Elves" is pretty tempting too. It's probably completely my imagination, but I think the shirt I wore yesterday actually fit a bit better. Wishful thinking is the best kind in my book!
Oh, 4 rows away from end of chart 2 on Aquila. With any luck it will be done next week. The same cannot be said for either of the two talks I'm working on, nor the chapter I'm writing. But....BSG 4.5 in mail soon!!!! Priorities, after all.

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