Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jetlag, knitting, and you

So I'm back from Eugene. Gave paper. Check. Image permissions for article. Ongoing. Peer review. Ongoing. Book reviews. Ongoing. Thanksgiving. Check. Blogiversary? Totally forgotten. Blow a noisemaker and wish me a happy one!!! But I did finish some projects:

Sunrise circle jacket by Kate Gilbert. Yarn: Mountain Colors Weaver's Wool. Needles: 7 circular. Took approximately a month, with big gaps of not working on it, but I finally have a sweater that 1) I like; 2) I didn't screw up in any major way; and 3) will wear regularly. Yay! Thanks to friends and gf for helping with button placement on Thanksgiving day. This one is wear-to-work-able.

Zokni socks by Mintyfresh. Yarn: my own handspun 2-ply superwash merino, kettle dyed by me. I finished these on the plane back from Eugene. I realized that I had forgotten to bring a tapestry needle with me. I had to finish the socks. I ended up binding off with an extra stretchy regular bind-off rather than a sewn bind-off, so I'm not perfectly thrilled with these. I also turned the heel on #2 as we were crossing the Colorado Rockies. I'm using that as an excuse as to why heel #2 is a bit bigger than heel #1. Jetlag anyone? Also, note to self: when planning knitting for trip, make sure you bring extra needles for toe-up cast on. That was a royal bitch without a 3rd needle. They are warm, comfy, wear around the house socks that I love because they are mine from start to finish.

Sunflower beret by Norah Gaughan. Yarn: Terra knits acorn, blend of silk, mohair and merino. Sorry no pics, I left it at work. I'll shoot it soon. This was a great knit with a lovely-looking yarn that does not quite match gauge. Thus it looks more like a toque than a beret. Lesson learned. I still love it and will probably make another one.
I also started a baby sweater for my sister-in-law, due in July. Pattern: based on Cosmicpluto's topdown raglan cardi but sized for a newborn. Yarn: Auracania's Patagonia Nature Cotton in yellow green. Major difference in two skeins so I'm alternating. This is my first baby project. I'm not (truth be told) one who favors the anklebiters, but knitting for them is certainly rewarding. We picked out a phenomenally cute button too, which you'll see on the finished sweater later.

So, back to work but with a very satisfied smile on my face. Wish me luck on the Dec. 8 deadline!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love, Love, LOVE the new sweater! It looks fabulous on you. Those buttons are the best. :)