Thursday, April 3, 2008

Estoy tejiendo, le prometo

Yep, knitting away. And practicing mi espanol. One is going better than the other, I'll let you be the judge of which....
This is a gift, but I don't think the recipient reads this often. I only hope I can get this done in time. Now that I'm used to the pattern it's going much faster. And I love love love this yarn, so soft and easy to knit. It just slides in my fingers. perfection. The hard part is going to be giving it away. I don't have a single piece of lace I've knitted. Not one. I may have to make another one of these in my handspun and actually keep it for myself. The one problem with this stole is I'm afraid I will run out of yarn. It may not get the knitted border it's supposed to. Espero que pueda hacerlo.
Otras noticias:
I've finished the red mystery tank top. I'm not sure about it yet. It's red, which is good. It's cotton, also good. It requires a t-back bra. bad. It is not the best fit in the world. I had to "fix" it with sewn darts. really bad. But it was cheap to make (lion brand cotton, 2.5 skeins), I will wear it all summer and (with a stole/shawl) it will definitely work for Spain. Provided I can lose my batwing arms by then. Otherwise it's never leaving the house. I also can't figure out how to photograph it well. So you don't get to see it yet. I know, the disappointment will force you onto your fainting couch, laudnum in hand. Forgive me. I just need to get the gf to take a pic of it for me. I'm knitting away on the Plimoth stockings, albeit slooooooowly (they've put a hole in my left index finger. Not fun. They are spending time out in the basket) and the embers stole. I'm pretty darn sure I'm going to run out of yarn on that one too. Pics on those were too boring to share. So I'm giving you a gratuitous kitty shot. This is Bodie, enjoying the bed that my Cosmicpluto raglan has provided for her. Such a good helper.
I'm off to get some actual work done now.

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Anonymous said...

Love the lace work! But my favorite is the picture of the kitty. What a little fatty!!! Yo quiero taco bell. That's the extent of the spanish I remember. LOL :)