Thursday, April 24, 2008

My ode to turquoise

Completo! Finalmente tengo una manton encajada. Pero no es mio, es para mi mama. Creo que ella es una chica suerte, pero tengo demasiado humilidad a decirlo.

So, as I'm sure you gathered from the above, the large leaf and trellis is done. And not a day too soon, as Mother's Day is fast approaching. I must admit that, despite my comment above, I'm immoderately pleased with myself on this one. It's freaking gorgeous and I want to keep it. But Mom deserves a special treat, so it will wing its way to her soon, along with care instructions and a lifetime blocking guarantee. LOL. I've been a very busy chica for the past couple of weeks, which is why you haven't heard a peep from me. Between finishing this, getting ready for class, attending conferences, working on papers, writing....and, oh yes, the daily life of shopping, cooking, laundry and even *gasp* a bit of cleaning I haven't had time to blog. But since I think only about 1 person reads this (she knows who she is and I adore her for it), I'm sure there hasn't been a planet-wide groan of misery due to my blogging delinquency. So, without further ado, enjoy pics of the completed shawl, taken at my favorite place. I will return to my normal, irregularly scheduled blogging whenever I can.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love the lace work. I don't know if I could give that away!! Hope the gf had a lovely b-day. Thinking of you always....and yes, I have missed your blog. Thanks for keeping me entertained. LOL