Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Two weeks! Sorry about that, but I've been a tad busy. I know, I know. Don't look at me like that. Will this make it a wee bit better? There, I thought so. I've been working on this for about 1.5 weeks, off and on (booooring stockinette and my crappy intarsia skills made for a knit I wanted but didn't want to knit...does that make sense?) Here's the story: I hate most felted bag patterns I see. They're either bland, poorly designed, or something I would never ever carry. Enter my nonexistent pattern-making skills. I knew I wanted something that would let me use my leftovers from the cosmicpluto 2.0. I knew it had to have leaves on it. I've been very inspired by the stitch designs in Haiku bags, but I didn't want one of those. Too sporty for me. So I give you the Bag of Holding(tm). It's the right size, the right depth, the right color and it has leaves. I even worked in some nifty "folksy cool (tm)" stitches as "drop patterns" for the falling/spinning leaves. get it? I only wish I could have done a leather handle instead of a felted one...but the gf didn't have the right kind of leather in her stash (she makes things too..not those kinds of things. ART, people, ART). So here she is and I'm almost perfectly happy with her. I'm almost done with the Baudelaires too, just the last little bit of ribbing and the sewn bind off. I've just signed up for the sock pentathalon...5 pairs of socks in 6 months, she who finishes first wins. I've decided (stupidly) to spin and dye my own sock yarn for this competition, thereby making me totally ineligble for the whole "winning" thing. But I'll have fun damnit. And it means cooking with bugs and roots. That's always good, right? I've got cochineal ( a little red bug that lives on prickly pear cacti and dyes things brilliant colors), cutch root (I kid you not)-which dyes shades of warm brown, and henna (brown to yellow) on order. Fun with the drum carder will soon ensue! Meanwhile, enjoy this image of my fav feline doing her best Bill the cat impression.

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