Friday, February 29, 2008

new shoots

So I'm branching out here and discussing other *gasp* things besides knitting....Namely, music. I have just "discovered" the coolest group. They're called "Chambao" and are from Malaga, Spain. Their new album, called "Con Otro Aire" is fantastic. I especially like "Papeles Mojados" and "Capricios de Colores." Check them out, they're worth it. Three women singing trance flamenco with Moorish and other world flavors. Very very cool. I adore them. I've also been listening to a great deal of cumbia, especially Fanny Lu, Fonseca, and Erika Ender. I adore fusion sounds, so the group Salsa Celtica also holds enormous appeal for me...a mixture of Salsa sounds with traditional Celtic music. Fabuloso! And for those of you living under rocks who haven't heard of Rodrigo y Gabriela yet....listen to "Diablo Rojo" and tell me you could keep your feet and bum from moving! Do yourself a major favor and invest in the whole album. From Mexico City but living in Dublin, Rod y Gab create intensely layered acoustic guitar duets. They are not, as they will tell you, flamenco. But their sound has a hint of that flavor. Their deep inspiration is metal music...Metallica's "Orion" anyone? I can't stop listening to them.
Can you tell I'm gearing up for the possibility of going to Spain this summer? Keep your needles crossed for me kittens!
Oh, because I can't help it, I have picked up the gf's Weasley sleeve half done. And I'm waiting desperately for my wool to get here so I can start spinning the yarn for my Sock Pentathlon challenge...we get the pattern at midnight tonight, so I have to accept that there's no way I can win with my own yarn on this one I suppose. sigh. Keep 'em clicking!

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