Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ice trumps knitting and please pat the bunny

It was just a little bit of ice really. I managed to drive into the museum just fine. It was SnB day, after all. You see, my dear ones, I somehow did not get the message that we were closed. So there I was, pulling into the ghosttown of a parking lot, wondering why I snagged such a prime parking spot, since we were supposed to open at 11. But the ice won, keeping all my new knitting buddies snuggled at home with their needles. And so I walked in, focused on turning the second heel of my Baudelaires, heedless to the imminent danger of falling icicles, sleet, and potential felting. I actually made it all the way to my desk, turned on my computer and only then realized that no. one. was. coming. For a brief, shining moment I considered doing the right thing...staying and actually getting some work done. But then the golden glow of my addi turbos shone forth from the depths of my purse and broke the computer's spell. I could be home knitting after all! I packed up, shoved my feet back into boots, slapped my fuzzy hat on and tredged all the way back to my car. Hey, at least I got a sweet parking spot!
I may actually get some work done this afternoon...on the diss...not the socks. Since the sock progress is rather boring, I give you something I picked up in an antique store while visiting my family over the holidays. It's a child's hankie with just about the cutest bunny ever appliqued on one corner. For a dollar, my friends, one smackaroo. So worth it. I am completely infatuated with this bunny. I want to wear it everywhere. It may become my new ravelry avatar. He's that cute. So enjoy, pat the bunny, snuggle with your kitties and other loved ones, pick up those needles and knit a little for me. I'm plunging neck-deep into grant applications.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I LOVE that bunny. I'd be glad to pat it for you - heh. If I had only been there seconds before you, your little bundle of fuzzy love would be mine. ha-ha!!