Thursday, April 1, 2010


Waaay back when we went to Maine, my dear friend talked me into trying lost-wax casting. I thought I would give it a try since I had studied it but never done it and she produced such great results. Buttons seemed like the best idea, given my yarny obsession. Since I'm also currently infatuated with birds, silhouettes, and elegant graphics, this came out. I wish I had a photo of the wax version, since the contrasts in form and material were quite striking. While there are lots of little imperfections (due to my being overly prissy with design in some areas and lack of expertise in others...note to self: clean up edges better), I don't think it totally sucks. When I learned how much it would cost to have them cast in silver, however, I had to abandon fond hopes of my little birds gracing a sweater any time soon. My sweet gf, however, had the mold made just in case. As an early graduation present (read: incentive to finish the diss), my friend cast six of them for me in silver and surprised me with them a couple of weekends ago. I cannot express how much my little magpie heart adores them. I have to stop myself from holding the entire set in my hands just to feel their smooth weight and to see their matte surfaces winking gently back at me. Thanks again to my sweetheart and my lovely amiga. Now I just have to design an appropriate sweater.

In other news, I've finished a few things but have been quite lax about posting. So in no apparent order, here are: Glitterati, a scarf based on Crazy Aunt Purl's design. It helped me use up all sorts of odds and ends with what I think is a quite fun result. Fringe is awesome!
Wrought, a cowl-necked sweater with leafy detailing at cuffs and collar that I came up with on the fly. Cascade Eco-wool on size 8 needles. The yarn was a gift from my mum. It makes me think of fresh wrought iron, hence the name.

Finally, meet Hazy, a small shoulder shawl I designed as a costume piece based on Kiri and Icarus, two shawls I adore. Knit from Rowan Kidsilk Haze (name derived from said yarn and the lovely halo it produces in the finished object that always makes me think of soft-focus 1960s home movies) that I bought in Chester this past summer. I wore this all winter as a neck warmer.

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