Saturday, March 6, 2010

Push it

Buttons can make a sweater, or can kill it deader than road pancakes. Case in point: My surface sweater from last year. Faboo pattern, great yarn, I worked like hell on it for more than a month and then promptly destroyed it with the wrong buttons. I haven't fixed it yet, but I need to. soon. Second case in point, my newest sweater Juno:
I had been waiting to post about this sweater because I just could not find the right buttons. They couldn't be too shiny, too bright, too anything that would distract from the fabulousness of the collar and the yarn...mmmmmmm debbie bliss silk alpaca...mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ahem. Right, so I waited for nearly a month, looking, looking, and finally found the PERFECT buttons while shopping for buttons for the Olympic sweater. It took trips to three stores before I gave up and went to JoAnns. I'm so glad I did. They were having a 50% off sale and I got these for a song. And they are Goldilocks buttons: juuuuust right.See what I mean? Matte copper, simple, craftsman-like pseudo handmade detailing (i.e. fake hammering marks and scribing), not perfectly round. I think they match the aesthetic of this pattern. It is my urban fairytale sweater. I wear it constantly, usually with jeans and boots, and feel really quite stupendous in it. All thanks to my sister, who gave me this delicious yarn for the holidays. Thanks Sis, you made this possible!!!!!
This is my third sweater of the year and I'm half-way through my to follow, right now it's deadly boring black. I may be doing a sweater a month this year, whether I planned it or not.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous sweater! Love the buttons, a perfect choice with the color of the yarn and design. Thanks for sharing!