Tuesday, March 17, 2009

blogclog now cleared, back to regularly scheduled nattering

So the article is about to come out. I gave the second paper. We are going to move soon, I still have research trips to complete, continue to insert fun yet time consuming projects here.... oh, and I've finished a couple of things. One of which I'm very proud of. I don't have much time to blog anymore, but I still love it and wanted to share...so here goes, in no particular order:
Surface by the fabulous Norah Gaughan, knitty winter 2008. Yarn: berroco ultra alpaca lite. Needles: 5

love x 1,000,000,000. I have received so many compliments on this sweater already it's ridonkulous. and I adore it. I can't stop petting it. I find myself preening when I walk by mirrors. Which is exactly what clothing should do for us. Make us proud, happy, confident beings. Thanks Norah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next up: another pair of Monkeys, but rehabbed yarn from the forest canopy shoulderette I finished last year and never wore. This is much better. Yarn: Plymouth Happy Feet. Needles: 0

I'm also working on several projects, most of which are so boring to photograph you might cry. But here's a taste of a pair of plain socks I'm working on for the gf, who has demanded them. She should get them sometime in June....perfect weather for wool...I call them "Urban Camo"
Yarn: Auracania. Needles: 0
Doesn't it look like the stitch marker is a little tongue? I love this photo.

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