Thursday, December 6, 2007

Snow, blocking, and fun with dpns

My dear reader(s),

just a quick note to let you know there will be pics, lots of fos, and more fun than you can shake a circular at this weekend. When I actually have access to a camera. And time to upload images. But until then, I leave you with this thought: First snow!!!! The hush that settles as the flakes drift. The cruuuunch of your boots in it. That quick bite against your cheek before each petite miracle slowly melts with a kiss. Can you tell I love snow? That is until I have to dig my car out and I'm 20 minutes late for work....
And a bit of wisdom from my first big lace project: it needs to block longer than 4 hours. really. I learned that the hard way this morning (after staying up until 3 am to finish kiri) when I simply HAD to wear it to work. See first snow, above. I will have to soak and re-block tonight, but it was worth it to wear as I walked through the woods to the museum this morning (yes, I really am a lucky girl).
So look for kiri and cadenas en fuego this weekend and maybe one or two more. I'm rollin' rollin' rollin' out the knitted yummies. or maybe that should be "clickin'"? Or "blockin'"? But I digress.

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