Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Slowly I turn, step by step: a post in which my reader can watch me go slowly insane.

Actually I think this blog is one protracted journey through mental instability. But that’s a prerequisite for grad school I think.

Well, blogger spent about a week arguing with me, so my post is waaay overdue. Here it is finally, with updates in parentheses for added excitement. I think I win the prize for most parenthetical statements in one post! An entire day’s worth (and two skeins of Zara) of knitting wasted. That’s what I spent last week on: the marley’s ghost. Yet Zara is superwash. Yay for ballbands! So no felting for me. I had to start over, with my own handspun (see last blog entry on this) so here is the new version of marley's ghost that I call "cadenas en fuego"-fiery chains. I’m very happy…now. It felted up beautifully, it’s long enough to wear, plus it’s sassy and fun. I think the boss will like it. (update: the boss loved it) Now if I can just spin enough of the merino and silk for the other boss’s scarf, wash it, knit it and then block it before Monday, I’ll be just fine (update: I did not, but it was ok and I did finish the other project noted below). Also, here are pics (FINALLY) of the Madiera Leaf Lace stole. This stitch is a traditional one, in most stitch dictionaries and is surprisingly easy. I LOVE the magic of blocking, have I mentioned this? I was really worried about how this stole would look, but it bloomed perfectly and opened up to show off the stitches just fine. I had never blocked anything this big before, so it definitely taxed the free space of our small apt. The cats helped. Blocking pins are apparently the most fascinating thing ever! Who knew? I had to fight with our Maine Coon for hours over this stole. I think she slept on it all night. Yay for lint rollers. I added the Willow Leaf border from Victorian Lace Today to each end (not perfectly…there are errors, but the recipient will never notice them and I was too tired to fix them) Have you ever woken up and found you were still knitting? That happened to me with the border of this stole and it shows.

Also I need to do a miniature knitting pin as a last-minute gift. A friend of mine told me about these. They’re small pieces of knitting in progress on miniature short needles mounted onto a pin back. I LOVED the idea and am experimenting with toothpicks and fimotm. I think I’m going to use some of the turquoise malabrigo laceweight, size 0s, the wandering vine pattern, and we’ll see what happens. I think she’ll love it. (update: I used leftover smooshy dream in color from Mom’s Hedera socks, and did a basket weave pattern because I was exhausted and it was 11:30 at night. So sue me. She still loved it. The needles were not toothpicks, but rather the sawed-off ends of those paper drink umbrellas, smoothed with sandpaper. They worked beautifully. Unfortunately no pics. Maybe I’ll take some when she wears it) So all this has to happen before Monday. In addition to cleaning the house, doing laundry, and actually getting some of MY work done. Oh, and throw in a holiday party or two and you’ve got a great recipe for nervous exhaustion, no? (Hey, I did most of it, had the parties, cleaned the house and didn’t collapse on the fainting couch. All is relatively well! Now I just have to finish the Weasley sweater—I’m done with the back and working on the front—and make a hat. And finish some lace. And re-block Kiri. Before Thursday night. YAY!)

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