Tuesday, June 3, 2008

make with the wool already!

Hey all, so I finally finished something. And the superwash wool became even prettier....I give you first the unintentional rip-off of Wing o the moth:

This was previously, as you may remember, the rather unfortunate charcoal briquette version of an otherwise lovely stole called Lady Eleanor. I think the yarn is much happier this way.
And witness! My verdant zokni meet the giant frog of green:

After they were done playing with frog, the zokni decided to meet squirrel:
Don't they look like they want to take over the world, dwarfing mighty squirrel as they appear to do? I lurves these socks, I do. They are squishy, they are cozy, they are yummy, yes they are my precious. Can you tell I'm actually pretty happy with the spinning and the dyeing? Not too shabby I think. Enough now, just a taste to whet the appetite. I don't want you gorging yourselves, after all. Never fear, I'm slowly working on the purple sweater of much yumminess. Pix of that later.

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Anonymous said...

Sigh...only to be a knitter so glorious as you. Lace work? No problem? Harriet the Hungry Sheep? Easy as pie! I know, I know.... Practice makes perfect! Thanks for being an inspiration to beginning knitters everywhere. :)