Saturday, November 3, 2007

Oh for knits sake

Finally, finally I actually have pictures to share of works in progress! It required an entire day of wheedling and general buffoonery (and total albeit temporary neglect of the diss) but I have things to share....Like Hedera socks in progress...These are a birthday gift for my mother in her all-time favorite color. I'm definitely not a fan of pink in any shade (unless it's for breast cancer awareness) but I'm enjoying this knit immensely. It has just enough complexity to remain interesting (i.e. to keep me from drifting off into lala land as I'm knitting) but was really easy to memorize. I know everyone and their sister's aunt has already knit these but I wanted to add my little "brava" to Cookie A. I'm a big big fan! This is my second pair of socks using one of her patterns and I love her designs. I can't wait to start of my fav poets and fav stitch patterns all in one place. It's perfection.
This was my first knitting photo shoot and it was oh so grandly staged in the *front* yard of my apartment complex. I was the recipient of many an interested stare from dog walkers, drivers, runners and other denizens of our little corner of the world. We are lucky enough to live in a very leafy, very liberal community so it probably was not all that shocking for residents to see someone outside posing a sock for candid closeups. Nevertheless, I was a bit self conscious.
I spent most of the day today playing on Ravelry rather than working. I knew Ravelry would be addictive but I really think it should come with a warning label such as "Caution, you are about to join a friendly, open community that will suck you in and enable endless hours of procrastination, all in the name of fiber love. " I mean really. How is one knitter supposed to stand alone against the onslaught of fabulous patterns, excellent designs, potential new friends, and delicious UGHs! (yes, I have one in there too)? How, I ask you? I cannot. I must succumb.

I have uploaded images of most of my WIPS and some of my FOs. Some are simply too embarrassing to publish. Since I've only been knitting for about a year and a half, I don't have too much to show yet but I'm working on it! Here are some of my better objects for your viewing pleasure...including some yarn pron. yummy.
This is my version of Sowerby's Syrian Shawl pattern, but on size 15 US needles using Rowan's Little Big Wool. This yarn was a lovely gift from my sister for Christmas last year and I only had enough to do a small shawl, no border. I may buy another 2-3 skeins to knit a border at some point in the future. Right now it's enough to keep my shoulders warm in the archives during the summer...hence it's fabulously original name: the Archives shawl. And now, as promised, the said yarn pron...I spun this up as fat worsted singles from a beautifully prepared Louet pencil roving in the burning bush colorway. I loved loved loved spinning this. I didn't want it to end! These singles are, even as we speak, becoming a "squatty sidekick" for my adored mother-in-lawless. This pattern is so easy and so cute but I really wish it had another name. "Squatty" is something I would prefer to avoid typing, let alone saying out loud. The gf insisted that I use handspun to make this purse for her mother and I am happy to do so. I just wish that I didn't have to lose all my hard work in spinning even (or as even as I could get them) singles. Felting will make it all disappear. I'm a bit brokenhearted about it. But it is for a worthy cause...the MIL loves it when I give her handmade gifts. In fact she demands them.
In other WIP news, I'm so close to being done with the archives shrug, but the holiday and birthday gifts have to take precedence. I have been designing and redesigning this shrug for months now and I'm only sort of happy with it. I LOVE the yarn--Malabrigo kettle dyed in my favorite shades of green--and I finally found a stitch pattern I like, but I kept underestimating how much yarn I would need to finish the damn thing. I have gone back to the LYS three times for more yarn. Only twice have I been lucky enough to score the same colourway. I'm having to use a close color complement under the arms. Hopefully it won't be that noticeable. If you see me around town in this tell me you can't tell. Please.
I am simply dying to cast on for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan but I cannot until I finish at least two or three more WIPS and all of my holiday knitting. Then I can reward myself. Maybe I'll get some yummy tweedy yarn or rovings for a present....hint hint hint...
alright, enough lolly gagging, I'm off to edit an article. TTFN!

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