Sunday, October 28, 2007

Technical Difficulties

Welcome back to fall!
For the thousands reading this blog, please bear with me while I attempt to make my ancient digital camera talk to the new computer. I think we ditched the software long ago in favor of the new camera. Unfortunately yours truly dropped said device in a cheerfully burbling brook while we were hiking this summer. I have yet to make this up to the gf. Hence the technical difficulties. I hope to actually post WIPs soon! keep those stylishly gloved fingers crossed. This weekend was a big one for us. We re-arranged and cleaned the entire apt. which seriously cut into my knitting and spinning time. Nevertheless I managed to cast on and get half-way down the leg of one Hedera sock, using Dreaming in Color's ruby river colorway. yummy. These are a present for a certain special someone, so no pics yet (again, see above). In the mean time, please enjoy this blurry, bad image of my endpaper mitts. These were my first stranded work and my first work in the round. I learned (too late) that I knit using what Annie Modesitt calls the combination method, so all the stitches are twisted. Rather appropos for me. Needless to say I have since learned my lesson. I also learned my lesson about using wool given to me by friends who claim it really is merino. I should have trusted my instincts--it felt like acrylic--and so it was (in part). So much work on a project I'm not entirely happy with. But they remain one of my few FOs.
I managed to wash about a pound and a half of lovely Jacob wool gifted to me two years ago yesterday. I know. Two YEARS. It's a miracle that when I opened the bag there was nothing but some frass and generations of carpet beetle carcasses inside. I think it may be enough to make a sweater for the gf. I'm thinking gansey, with the wool carded and spun into heathered grey/brown worsted weight... So many plans, so little time. And how, you ask, did the dissertation progress this weekend? why not at all! I did do some work on an article I'm submitting for publication, but other than some random thoughts, I did not write at all. Bad historian. Wish me luck with camera mojo!

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